Standard Pool Tiles in Perth

Pool Tiles Perth

The standard size for a swimming pool tile is 200m x 200m and has been for the last 25 years in Perth. These are a single baked italian made tile specifically for use in fully immersed areas. This is not your average tile and is only used in the Western Australian pool industry. Replacing these tiles with replacements of the same size is the least expensive way of replacing your tiles. We only recommend pool tiles, not tiles that “can be used in pools.” The difference being the engineering, manufacvturing and testing process for swimming pool tiles is extensive to guarantee at least 20 years of service. Tiles that “can be used in a swimming pool” generally have no independant evaluations to back up the product and can crack and pop off the wall. As the warranty with all tiles is 12 months, getting the right product could save you thousands down the track.

That said the full range of locally available 200mm x 200mm tiles is below. All tiles are priced to include the correct swimming pool adhesive needed to attach them for the life of the tile. Labour for installation is dependant on the shape of the pool with square being the easiest pool to tile and freeform being the most difficult.

New tiles finish any swimming pool renovation including our painted pools. They can dramatically modernaise any dated pool area and add that many years to the serviacabilty of yuour pool.

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