How to Prepare Your Pool To Paint

Preparation : The key to successfully painting a pool

Concrete / Plaster

  • Draining : For obvious reasons the first thing done is draining of the pool. Once empty the real work begins
  • High Pressure Water Blasting – This is the done to remove any loose or flaking material from the surface prior to painting the pool. At 3600 PSI it blows away loose and deteriorated plaster and leaves ready for repair. Water blasting is the best way to ensure a good pool surface to paint on.
  • Degreasing Surface : Degreaser is then used to remove the years worth of build up caused by sun tan creams, body fats and other grease based contaminants that are found on the surface of the pool.
  • High Pressure Water Blasting : Again
  • Inspection : For concrete / plaster pools we start by draining the pool and checking the surface for major imperfections. This is done by locating any “hidden” hollow parts underneath the plaster. If left and painted over these areas would pop once filled with water. Once the areas have been removed the pool is repaired using a special epoxy composition.
  • Repairs : All large and minor repairs are carried out to the pool surface. This is allowed to cure for 24 hours
  • Sealing :  If needed a sealant / primer is used to increase adhesion of the paint and sotp any bubbling and blistering from salts in the plaster.
  • Masking :  All surfaces not being painted are taped to prevent any transfer.
  • Paint : Yeah, we are finally ready to paint your pool. The preparation is 70% of the work but is crucial to having a paiunted pool last 7 years as apposed to 2-3 years.


  • Brace pool :  Very important to brace a fibreglass pool prior to draining to ensure that the pool will not collapse while empty
  • Draining :  For obvious reasons the first thing done is draining of the pool. Once empty the real work begins
  • Sanding : Fibreglass requires a heavy detailed sanding prior to painting the pool. This will remove grease, oils, contaminats and a small portion of the gell coat to ensure proper adhesion to the fibreglass
  • High Pressure Cleaning :  We blast away the remaining loose and flaking surface to leave a perfect surface ready for our pool paint.
  • Repairs :  Fibreglass repairs usually are very minor and involve the use of specially formulated epoxy fillers to fill any cracks or holes prior to painting