Leak Detection Perth

Reasons For Pool Leak

Skimmer Box Leaks  – The number one reason and place for swimming pool leaks in Perth is in the skimmer region. Skimmer boxes twist and warp due to the sun. This can lead to a leak. Another common problem is the first fitting below the skimmer box join the swimming pool. Automated pool cleaners can put extra strain on the skimmer box which, with many years, may create a crack or a leak.


Incorrect Installation – The second most common reason for a leak is a plumber not installing the pipework to a high enough standard. This means not enough glue. fittings that are under strain.


Movement – Although not as common as the other two movement can cause a break in a fitting. Usually from sinking paving or garden beds this sort of leak is the hardest to locate but the easiest to fix.

Repair Before Paint Pool

Before painting a pool any and all leak issues must be addressed. A constant loss of water will cause chemical imbalances and possibly damage the pool surface. Leaks in the pipework are the most common reason for your pool to lose water. Nine out of ten time the leak is found in the skimmer box area or a return jet in the pool. We can pressure test pipes, die test any surface in question and find your leak. We also offer leak detection services for all swimming pools in Perth independent of a pool renovation. Pool leaks range from $120 upwards for detection and repair. Renovating the swimming pool will not fix leaks in pipework or equipment only problems in the surface. This is why we now provide this service to all our clients.