Mosaic Pool Tiles

Range of Mosaic Pool-Safe Tiles

The range for mosaic swimming pool tiles in Perth is very good. We only recommend Azzari Pool tiles as they are Italian made porcelain and glass. These have been extensively independently tested by the CSIRO in Australia to give the ensure this mosaic will never come away from the shell. It uses a wide mesh to maximise adhesion to the pool tile glue which is essential as the mesh breaks down once submersed for a few years. The two different ranges available are porcelain or glass. Porcelain being a less expensive option.

Porcelain Mosaic Pool Tile
These tiles offer a great alternative to the traditional 200mm pool tile at a reasonable price. They are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns. The full range is displayed below.

Custom Mosaic Pool Tiles
Due to the huge range of mosaic pool tiles available we offer a simple labour only service for any pool tiles you wish to supply. We use and recommend all the companies listed below. Labour and adhesive for glass tiles and other custom style tiles varies greatly and will be confirmed once the tile is selected.