The Pool Painting Process

Luxapool Pool Paint

If you are looking for the worlds highest quality pool paint then you can not go past  Luxapool. Manufactured by Colormaker for over 30 years our pool paints have proven to stand the test of time (while others fell by the waste side). All our paints are specifically engineered and manufactured for the use in all swimming pool environments.  Cheaper pool paint have many issues, most commonly mass discolouration and peeling. The waxes that trap the colours come to the surface and form a white layer. There is nothing that came be done once this occurs.

Luxapool pool paints offer a huge range (largest in the industry) of colours to suit all pools and surrounds at the most affordable prices. Custom colours can be made to order and can finish your dream pool in any colour imaginable. Check out our Color Chart to see our recommended pool paint colours.

Pools Plus Painting has over 10 years experience using Colormaker products with wonderful results for all our clients. Two part epoxies are our specialty with chlorinated rubber being used predominantly in commercial applications.

The Paint Preparation Process

High Pressure Blasting

Draining the pool and blasting the pool at 3600psi to remove surface contaminants such as paint, calcium and minerals. The high pressure blasting etches the plaster to ensure a good bond with the paint.

Surface Inspection

Finding and removing hollows in plaster, removing decayed plaster.

Surface Repairs

Repairing any cracks, holes and hollows with two part epoxies.

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