Painted Pool Care

Balancing a Painted Swimming Pool

Painting your pool improves the ease of maintainence, reduces chemical consumption and protects the surface underneath from deterioation from the sun and chemicals. Caring for a pianted pool is the same as caring for a fibreglass pool. The chemicals must be balanced monthly as with all pools. The correct chemical levels and recommended pool equipment for a painted pool are listed below:

PH 7.4 to 7.8
Chlorine 2 to 3 ppm or 650 orp (chemigem)
Alkalinity 120 to 200 ppm
Calcium 270 to 330 ppm
Brush Soft Nylon Only
Vacuum Brush Style Vacuum
Chemical Dispensing Pour into a bucket and dilute, then add above pool jet to evenly distribute and prevent damage


Caring For your Painted Pool in Perth

Maintaining a good water balance is the most important thing to do and will add years of life to your painted pool. Basic pool care involves using a automated pool cleaner or once per month brush any chalking paint residue from the walls. If the water is well balanced and a pool cleaner is used or the pool is regularly brushed the excess build up will not transfer to your feet. Only pools with a low alkalinity level or low calcium level with a low PH can suffer from “blue feet syndrome”. Balancing the water and vacuuming the swimming pool will fix this problem overnight.