structural pool repair perth

Structural Pool Repairs Perth

Structural pool repairs are a large job at the best of times. Structural repairs include any work required to be completed for the pool to hold water, such as;

  • Plaster Cracks

    While most cracks in plaster are very minor and are not structural, some cracks cause the swimming pool to loose water. These are repaired any a variety of ways to inluding removal and reinstallation of the area, silicone sealing and if small enough, skimming of cement to seal the crack.

  • Skimmer Problems

    A 20 – 30 year old piece of plastic in concrete and exposed to the sun and swimming pool chemicals can warp twist, crack and leak. Replacement is the best way of repair, however small leaks can easily be repaired using sealants. Replacement is a possible without retiling depending on the size of your current skimmer box.

  • Tiles Cracked

    Once again the only way to properly repair it is to replace the cracked tile. Sealants can be used to prevent water lose but are not asthetically appealing as only two colors are available, white or black.