Types of Pool Tiles

Standard Pool Tiles

The majority of swimming pools in Perth and surrounding Western Australia use 200mm x 200mm swimming pool tiles. When painting a swimming pool these are easiest to replace with tiles of the same size. We use Osborne Ceramics for all our tile supply and selection. All tiles are selected purchased direct from the supplier to reduce costs and complications (we provide information on how many are required). The tiles they provide are quality italian made, single baked and are designed specifically for swimming pools. We only use single baked tiles in all our painted pools to prevent cracking and extend the life of the tiles.


We provide this warning as most tiles will “pop” or crack if used in a outdoor swimming pool environment or if the correct adhesive is not used. We only use product engineered for swimming pools to extend the life of your painted pool.

Range of Standard Tiles

Mosaic “Pool-Safe” Tiles

Ezzari are arguably the most beautiful swimming pool mosaic tiles in the world. They are produced in Italy specifically for wet area and swimming pools. The variety of choice is huge and the colours available suit the swimming pool paint range. The dot mounted system guarantees perfect adhesaoin to all walls. These are the only mosaics on the market design for swimming pools and will never “pop” off. The corners are rounded so no dangerous sharp corners. For more information a link is provided to the manufacturer Ezzari.

We only use and recommend Ezzari Mosaic tiles as we have seen the many problems lesser quality tiles bring. Most mosaic tiles are not designed to withstand chemicals and fail, resulting in the tiles coming away from the wall. We guarantee the tiles for 10 years in all pools we paint.

These tiles will add value to your pool and provide the WOW factor.

Range of Mosaic “Pool-Safe” Tiles