Types of Pool Repairs

Leak Detection

If you are losing water from your swimming pool part of the challenge is finding where. Some leaks are structural, which need to be patched before painting, while others are pipe work or equipment related. Swimming pool paint is not a sealant as it is permeable and any structural leaks, including leaks in the tiles, skimmer box or around jets need to be detected and patched prior to any pool paint can be applied. With 10 years leak detection experience we guarantee we will find the leak for you prior to the pool renovation.

Pipe Repairs

The most common form of pipe leaks are skimmer box related due to the nature of a hammer / diaphragm pool cleaner. These require a repair from behind the skimmer and can be finished in a day. The other common problem are cracked elbow and jets. The first elbow behind the pool jet is the most common leak on the return side. Swimming pools in Perth most commonly have skimmer box leaks, leaks near jets or thirdly on the cable for the pool light. These repairs are addressed prior to us painting a pool in Perth.

Skimmer Box Replacement

Swimming pools in Perth we first built over 40 years ago. If the skimmer is badly damaged we can replace it as needed. This is a large job that will require two days to complete. We offer all major brands and can find one to suit if your is no longer available. All skimmer replacement are done as first priority during a pool renovation or even painting the pool.

Structural Repairs

Structural cracks are very rare but generally require patching. A full plaster renovation is generally recommended for these pools. Swimming pool paint will hide any filled cracks and offers a cheaper alternative to re-plastering but offers no guarantee that new cracks will not appear.